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Why Grapevine?

Grapevine Pro has quickly become one of the fastest growing roofing & siding companies in New Jersey.  We’ve partnered with the largest manufacturers and finance companies in the country.  This provides our customers complete peace of mind with premium products and a wide range of payment options available.  We offer what best fits our customers’ needs. 


Grow with Grapevine

By combining the skills, tools, and knowledge of some of the most successful D2D reps with decades of experience, we have created a powerful program and exciting culture that will push you to the next level.  A career at Grapevine Pro will accelerate your income and launch you into financial freedom. 


"A rising tide lifts all ships" is a primary motto of Grapevine Pro.  We foster a motivating culture to catapult every individual in our organization to greater achievement.  Leaders set the pace and strive continually to be worthy of reps’ and customers’ respect and trust.  Our goal is to achieve a high morale among our team.  We expect our people to be professional, ethical, and abide by high company standards. 


Roofing & Solar in New Jersey is arguably the most lucrative sales & marketing opportunity available.  Some might think you have to learn how to install shingles or solar panels or it's a difficult market to work in.  But the opportunity has a much higher upside because the cost of solar has dropped by 43% the last 5 years and replacing your roof with solar has become a no-brainer.  New Jersey ranks 7th in the country for solar installations.  On top of that, less than 20% of homes in New Jersey have solar.  Our sales pros typically close at least 2 deals per week. The average commission per deal is $1,200.    The pay is upfront and most deals are installed 2-3 weeks after the contract is signed.  


We recognize the learning curve of entry level sales & marketing opportunities. We have, therefore, designed a powerful four-week training course entitled, "Training Ground" to help jumpstart your career.  Our training features several high-level operations & sales reps ranging from million dollar reps to 8-figure operations managers. We also offer two weekly training meetings as well as online training videos and content to stay at the top of your game. 


We understand the mental fortitude necessary to achieve success in sales.  We, therefore, provide motivation through incentives and competitions to drive output.  Some of these incentives have included: luxury trips, TVs, I-pad, X-box, air-pod pros, golf clubs, mountain bikes, MacBooks, car wraps, swag, you name it...  Moreover, any rep who incorporates our core values and hits certain metrics will become a part of our Grapevine League and receive special perks and incentives.

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