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5 Things To Look For To Prevent Roof Leaks Now

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

One of the biggest issues in the roofing is the fact that many homeowners wait until they have a roof leak before considering maintenance or even worse, a roof replacement.

We are going to share with you some tell-tale signs of an aging roof that will help you save money on roof repairs and interior water damage from roof leaks. A roof leak is not something anyone wants to deal with or is ever really prepared to deal with. Roof leaks require immediate action and can become costly depending on where or how long the roof is or has been leaking.

All of this pain can be avoided with a periodic maintenance program. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that roof inspections and/or maintenance happen regularly to help avoid future problems.

To put this into perspective, a homeowner wouldn’t expect:

• An air conditioner to perform efficiently if the filter was never replaced

• A car to run if the oil was never changed

Yet, many homeowners install a roof and think that’s the end of the story.

When having your roof inspected, the roofing contractor should look around from the ground and ask you if there has been recent extreme weather, animals around the home, leaves, falling debris, trees, satellite or cable work, or an accident that caused damage to the roof.

5 Things Your Contractor Must Look At

To Prevent Roof Leaks:

If it pops through the roof, look at it!

- roof penetrations are most often the leak source and should be the first thing your roofing contractor inspects. Here are a few examples:

- Chimneys

- Skylights

- Plumbing Vents

- Satellite Dish

Living on the (drip) edge...

- a common source for leaks is on the edge of the roof from missing drip edge and rotted wood behind the gutters or along the rakes on the side of the home.

Every step (flashing) I take...

- areas where step flashing should have been installed are a very common leak source and a must look for maintenance inspections. Here a few of the most common areas:

- Dormers

- Where siding meets roof

- Chimneys

- Anywhere low quality sealant was used

What's in the attic?

- we always assume the exterior of the roof is the culprit, but sometimes improper ventilation can be the cause. Things to look for are:

- Algae stains on attic plywood

- Mold in attic

- Moist insulation when it has not rained

- Black rings around nails caused by condensation in attic

- Lack of intake vents or clogged intake vents

Your mind in the Gutter...

- although most of us overlook the importance of your gutters, they need to be installed and sloped properly for drainage and free of debris. Make sure you have your roofing professional inspect your gutters, so you can avoid climbing a ladder to inspect yourself.

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