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Imagine Sunblock For Your Siding... That Really Works!

It works so good...

We’ll give you a double lifetime warranty.

We understand the importance of not only creating, but maintaining the look you create in a challenging New Jersey climate. And we back it up with an industry-leading Double Lifetime Warranty. What you get is rich, true color that raises curb appeal.

No longer are the days of being afraid to choose dark siding colors because of fading. Our insulated-vinyl siding comes with proprietary color protection technology and warranted to fade less so your dark colors stay true.

Wrap your home in something energy efficient and low maintenance, that also adds big curb appeal. Grapevine Pro insulated vinyl siding is as awesome as a home exterior gets.

Proprietary color protection is like sunblock for your siding.
Grapevine Pro Chromatix Color Protection

Once you choose the color and style, you'll have complete peace of mind that comes with hiring a premium siding installation contractor, like Grapevine Pro. There is little-to-no maintenance necessary and our Double Lifetime Warranty helps increase resale value.

Here are a few reasons why homeowners choose

Grapevine Pro Double Lifetime Siding:

  • Never needs painting

  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Keep moisture out

  • Surprisingly green

  • Reduces noise by up to 45%

Happiness starts with your home.

According to the Association of New Jersey Realtors Remodeling Impact Survey, Grapevine Pro insulated-vinyl siding provides a 70% return on value, and a 9.3 Joy Index (measures what makes homeowners happiest about their homes on a scale of 1 to 10). Many factors weigh into the Joy Index, including aesthetics, energy efficiency, confidence in resale value and peace of mind knowing you made the right choice.

gray vinyl siding with a red front entry door

Need more inspiration or maybe just a nudge?

When it comes how your siding presents itself, color is crucial. That's why we pay close attention to what's trending and what is practical for your home. Choosing the right colors can be fun, but a bit overwhelming. Consider this your nudge... CLICK HERE to learn more about our Double Lifetime vinyl siding and get alerts for trending color ideas & tips for your home.

- Grapevine Pro

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