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Put an End To Gutter Cleaning... Today!

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Today, I just wanted to share with you a quick message while it's fresh on my mind... About a year ago, I met with an insurance adjuster that was recovering from a broken hip injury. He had a ladder accident while he was up cleaning his gutters. At almost 70 years old he knew it wasn't the best idea to get up there, but the leaves were accumulating and he started to get some water around his foundation. Over the last 30+ years in the home, he has tried a variety of gutter protection products including the screens, the brillo-like gutter fillers, and even tried a helmet for his gutter. Year after year, and dollar after dollar he was left to climb that ladder to clean the gutters because nothing seemed to work.

Most of the problems I hear homeowners complain about are: - Climbing up on a ladder and risking injury - Basement and foundation water damage - Water over-flow - Birds nesting in the gutters - Ice build up in the winter - Mosquitoes breeding in the gutters With The Grapevine Pro Leaf TechnologyTM, you'll never have to climb the ladder to clean your gutters again.

The Grapevine Pro Leaf TechnologyTM has a very unique feature. It consists of a built-in hood and louvers. This is the most effective gutter cover system in the market.

As water flows off the roof, louvers slow down the flow of the water as the first step and filter in most of the running water. Then at the second step; the built-in hood lets the remaining water flow through invisible holes at the base of the hood.

The Grapevine Pro Leaf TechnologyTM is the only gutter protection system that offers these two features in one product. Leaves and debris will fall over the hood with the wind or rain water and keep your gutters free of clogging elements.

Additionally, The Grapevine Pro Leaf TechnologyTM clip design is kind of water diverter that never lets dirt from washing down the face of the gutter, thus keeping it stain-free. This adds to the beauty of your home and increases your home value.

If you're anything like me, you don't look forward to climbing up on your roof and cleaning out those gutters every few months.

Schedule your Free Consultation today and Learn More about our gutter protection system.

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