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What Should I Expect During My Roof Installation?

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

It's time for a new roof... what should I prepare for?

Noise. As soon as you think about getting a new roof, I bet noise popped into your head. For homeowners who haven’t been directly involved in a roof installation, but have been awakened early morning by the sound of loud banging next door, it might be all we think of when someone talks roofing. In reality, roofing is a lot more than just loud noises. Here are few things to expect when hiring a reputable roofing contractor.

Big tarps covering your home

At Grapevine Construction, before the existing shingles are ripped off, we make sure your property is protected from the massive amount of shingles, nails, and debris that is about to come down. We drape tarps from the gutter line, down over the front of your home and over shrubs, landscaping, swimming pools, etc. To avoid any mishaps, we always recommend putting away possessions that cannot easily be replaced including small decorative flowerpots, lawn ornaments, and statues.

Inspect and repair the wood

When hiring a reputable roofing contractor, your old roof will come off before they put up your new roof. Installing a layer on top of your existing roof is a band-aide or temporary fix. This means a lot of shingles and nails coming down. Once everything is removed, we do a thorough inspection of the wood roof decking. All soft, wet, and rotted wood needs to be replaced. We also make sure the wood is secured to the rafters and nail down where necessary. Then a synthetic underlayment is installed to protect the wood from the outside elements. (Black felt paper was the underlayment used 50 years ago. Make sure your roofing contractor is installing a synthetic underlayment to pretect your wood.) All this takes place before the installation of the roofing shingles.

Clean-up and magnetic sweep

Like most construction projects, there is going to be a temporary mess. And residential home improvement projects don’t get much bigger than tearing off an old roof and installing a new roof. But the nice thing is the mess is only temporary, and a reputable roofing contractor does clean up very well. The Grapevine Pro installers always clean-up our work sites throughout the project and it's done thoroughly, hauling away debris and even using magnets to pick up any and all loose nails.

About that noise…

As soon as some Amazon starts selling a roofing hammer that mutes all noise, we will be the first roofing contractor buy them all. Until then, we have to deal with some noise for roof installation. Here are a couple of tips for preparing for roofing day. First, consider your pets who may really dislike roofing day and think about bringing them somewhere during the day of install. Next, Inform your neighbors ahead of time so they are prepared for the early morning noise and can make other plans if necessary.

About Grapevine Construction

Grapevine Construction is family-owned, with 15+ years of experience. We're fully licensed, insured and certified; we provide roofing, siding , windows, gutters and solar installation services. All of our work is guaranteed. Call us at (732)335-7770 to speak with an expert in one of our local offices in New Jersey; including Aberdeen NJ, Barnegat NJ, and Irvington NJ.

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