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Grapevine Pro to offer GAF Energy's solar roof solution

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

A solar roof just got a lot more realistic to many New Jersey homeowners with the new partnership between Sunnova and GAF Energy.

GAF Energy Deco Tech 2.0 vs. Traditional Solar

New Jersey residential solar and battery storage installation company, Grapevine Pro, said it will be adding solar roofing systems made by GAF Energy LLC into its product and service offerings.

One of our renewable energy lending partners, Sunnova, has entered into a strategic partnership to offer New Jersey homeowners GAF Energy's solar roof system, DecoTech 2.0. Recent upgrades to the solar roof enable faster installation times.

"This opportunity is huge for solar companies like ours. Having the support and expertise of one of the largest clean energy financing platforms is a big deal, but when you add in the partnership with the largest roofing manufacturer it makes this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us and for all of our customers," said Grapevine Pro program manager James Kennedy.

Considering solar panels? ...Here's what do you need to know!

  • Solar panels do come with tax incentives on the national and state levels, and sometimes the local levels as well. This year, the 2020 federal tax credit will cover 26% of a system, and the NJ State T-REC program will pay you almost another 25% of the system (spread over 15 years). With a typical energy bill, the remaining investment is paid off in 10 years.

  • Solar panels do raise the value of your home by about 4% according to Zillow, without raising your taxes.

  • Yes, solar panels do produce power in the winter. In fact, output may increase in the winter due to the snow reflecting the light, as well as the ability of the panels to function more efficiently in cold weather.

  • Solar panels work best on a south-facing roof, not shaded by trees, and with a slight roof angle.

  • Our Area Managers can evaluate everything from the angle of your roof, to its direction and shading to help you determine if solar panels are even worth it for your home.

Contact us today to learn about roofing and solar panel options. Evaluations and estimates are always free, 732-335-7770.

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