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Storm Damage: Hurricane Isaias Is Over. Now What?

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Your First Priority Is The People Who Live Under Your Roof.

Your family is safe, now your attention is turned to the roof of your home that protects your family. Sometimes the roof is damaged, but the effects are not immediate and you unknowingly have your loved ones in jeopardy. If there is damage, you should have it repaired and/or replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage on the inside and outside of your home. After a storm with heavy winds and rain, it can be overwhelming and difficult to determine where to start, so we created these tips with you in mind.

Inspect Your Roof For Damage.

In order to protect your home and belongings, it's important to visually inspect your roof. This is also helpful information to provide to your insurance agent.

Call Your Insurance Company.

You can call a local roofing contractor before your insurance company, but they each need information from each other in order to evaluate the damage and estimate the costs associated with the work. Best practice is to invite your adjuster and contractor to meet at the property to work together.

Stop The Leaks / Water.

Once you've connected with your insurance company and placed a claim, it's super important to keep water out of your home and prevent further damage until your licensed contractor is able to begin your project. If you have significant damage, we do recommend a tarp or emergency repair and submitting the work to insurance as a preventative measure.

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