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Solar Panels For Your Home!

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✅ See If You Can Get Rid Of Your Electric Bills Today!

✅ Local, Highly Rated Solar Installation Company!

✅ Leverage & Take Advantage Of Every Incentive and Rebate!

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Our Core Values

We operate with complete transparency by communicating internally and externally with unwavering candor, honesty, and respect. 

All employees from top to bottom are accountable by measuring ourselves against the highest standards of integrity and responsibility.

How Do Solar Panels Help You?

Most people already know and understand that solar is great for the environment... but it used to be too expensive to make good business sense.  But now-- driven by huge incentives and lower production costs, solar costs have dropped to historic lows opening the market to almost all homeowners in New Jersey.

While switching to solar may seem outside of your budget, homeowners just like you are finding it is much easier to make the switch. Tax credits just for using a renewable energy source were never as easy to get to, so to have a program that's readily available without needing to do anything special is extremely valuable.

Leverage the Sun!

By adding solar panels to your home's rooftop or property, you're leveraging the sun to help produce power for your home everyday. An average home in New Jersey can power their entire home for 36 hours, both day and night, from only 3 hours of sunlight hitting their solar panels.  And, that's why you do not have to worry when it's, cloudy, raining, or dark outside. The sun is one of our greatest assets and in only a few hours all of your energy needs are covered.

Federal Rebate & New Jersey Solar Incentives

Take full advantage of ALL of the benefits associated with adding solar panels to your home's rooftop or property. The federal government is crediting all qualified homeowners 26% of the system cost in 2021, paying you back thousands of dollars in year 1. The state of New Jersey is paying solar customers performance-based incentives for the first 15 years of the systems production, guaranteed. Average homes in NJ are collecting at least $500+ per year from local incentives.

$0 Out of Pocket Solar Programs

Choosing the Solar Grapevine team to install solar panels on your home or at your property, is a simple and easy way to switch to solar with no cost up-front. We've created a transparent process that allows you to start owning your power, while lowering your electric bill immediately.

Where Does Solar Grapevine Service?


The NJ Solar Grapevine Energy Plans Cover All 21 Counties:

  • Atlantic County

  • Bergen County

  • Burlington County

  • Camden County

  • Cape May County

  • Cumberland County

  • Essex County

  • Gloucester County

  • Hudson County

  • Hunterdon County

  • Mercer County

  • Middlesex County

  • Monmouth County

  • Morris County

  • Ocean County

  • Passaic County

  • Salem County

  • Sussex County

  • Union County

  • Warren County

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