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Brand New Innovative Composite Siding In 2021

Choosing the type of siding to re-side your home is most often between vinyl and fiber cement siding in 2020 or 2021. Vinyl siding is more affordable and completely maintenance free, where as fiber cement (Hardie plank) is a thicker material and has a more authentic woodgrain appearance.

I want to show you this first-of-its-kind composite siding solution that combines beauty, performance, and ease of installation making for the best overall value in 2021. Let's not waste any time, continue reading to learn why we love this new siding...


Leave a lasting impression with a high-end wood look that lasts longer and is virtually maintenance-free, at a discount. The tall profile of a 7 inch exposure gives a really elegant look and can help a home appear larger. The texture of each panel makes it tough to tell the difference from real wood, and the extensive line of colors allows you to customize based on your style.


You never know when your home may be hit by natures elements; wind, rain, hail, and heat. The composite siding has been designed and engineered to protect your home against fire, moisture, and all of the weather elements. But, sometimes we forget about the potential for man-made elements, like an occasional baseball or soccer ball. The glass fibers give strength and durability to resist dents and dings. The insulated panels help to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving money on your energy bills every year.


Ascend composite siding is all backed by a Lifetime Warranty giving you complete peace of mind relative to the 20 or 30 year warranties of alternatives.


Alside Ascend composite siding is an affordable alternative to wood, vinyl, and fiber cement siding. Easy handling, ease of installation with self-aligning system, no joint flashing, no sealing, and no caulk all attribute to the savings you'll realize with composite cladding by Grapevine Pro.

If you're looking to upgrade your home and don't want to do vinyl siding, but not sure if you want to invest the additional money for fiber cement siding then this is the perfect opportunity to get a free estimate for composite siding by Grapevine Pro. We're looking for 12 old homes looking to upgrade their current siding. If your home qualifies, we will document your siding project with before and after pictures that we can use for a digital magazine we're designing for summer 2021. All qualified homes will have the opportunity to take advantage of incredibly low pricing at razor slim margins.

Learn more and see if you qualify now... CLICK HERE

Grapevine Pro is a local certified roofing and siding contractor based in Matawan & Barnegat New Jersey. Want to learn more about us or have questions about the new composite siding, call us directly at 732-335-7770.


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